1 February 2022

God is Greater than My Circumstances

Harold was leading a comfortable life as a Singapore Airlines station manager in no less than six cities in three continents. In 2003, he was diagnosed with Syringoyelia, a serious medical condition. Instead of sitting around to bemoan his life, Harold went on to committing his life to teaching Christian courses in Church.

From Prosecutor to PIC

Rev Raymond Fong is the Pastor-in-Charge of Wesley Methodist Church. This is his journey from a promising young lawyer serving in the Methodist Church to becoming the Pastor-In-Charge of the oldest Methodist Church in Singapore.

Turn the Tide on Trash

On 7 July 2019, 30 volunteers from Wesley Methodist Church, the oldest at 68 years old and the youngest at 3 years old, went to clean up a stretch of the East Coast beach. Together, they expressed their love for God’s creations and turned the tide on trash

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