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Jesus Calms The Storm (P&P)

The Gospel of Mark acknowledges and addresses how difficult it is for those who follow Jesus to have continued faith.

Jesus Calms The Storm (Traditional)

For the ancients, being caught in a storm at sea and the prospect of perishing in the deep dark waters, was probably one of their worst ordeals.

Riding On The Wings Of God’s Providence (Traditional/P&P)

The doctrine of divine providence teaches that everything happens in our life has a purpose, point and plot. We have a loving God who is actively involved behind the scenes, in control over all events, circumstances and outcomes. His providential care extends to all creation right down to the smallest details.

Theology Of Work (TOW) 6: Calling For Work (Traditional/P&P)

How do I know if I am called to a particular job or vocation? We may be struggling at work with challenging bosses or difficult colleagues or coping with demands at home. 1 Cor.7:17 states that “each person should live as a believer in whatever situation the Lord has assigned to them, just as God has called them.”

Theology Of Work (TOW) 4: Character For Work (Traditional)

Our lives as workers are not separate from our spiritual lives. The values we hold shape the character we bring into our workplaces, schools or even at home.  In order for us to grow in Christian Character, we need to strive to be like Christ.

Theology Of Work (TOW) 4: Character For Work (P&P)

Charles Spurgeon said, “Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter”.  Is Jesus precious to us?  If he is, then we would not be able to keep Him to ourselves.  There is no way to love someone and not say anything about him/her to others. 

Theology Of Work (TOW) 3: Challenges Of Work (Traditional)

After the fall of humanity, we see the consequences of disobedience and the introduction of difficulties into the realm of work. (v16-19) We reflect on the implications this has for our daily lives, as we navigate the thorny path of labour in a fallen world.

Theology Of Work (TOW) 3: Challenges Of Work (P&P)

n the first two sermons of the Theology of Work series, we learnt:
The purpose of work is to reflect the image of God, and Rest from work follows the rhythm of God.

When we apply these two principles, why is it still so difficult to glorify God at our workplace and to align our faith in our work?

Theology of Work (TOW) 2: Rest From Work (Traditional)

Rest is our God-given rhythm, commanded and modelled by God in the Creation account (Ex 20:8-11). We struggle to rest because our mind is filled with the idea that we can get so much more done in one day and we erroneously think that working on Sabbath is a right and responsible thing to do.

Theology of Work (TOW) 1: Purpose Of Work (Traditional/P&P)

Work is a gift from God. We are His disciples in whatever place God has stationed us. It may be in an office, home, school or a place where we volunteer in. In this series on the Theology of Work, we will focus on the purpose of work, rest from work, challenges of work, character for work, witness at work and the calling for work.

Where Is Your Faith? (P&P)

A reflective sermon on the Lord’s goodness.  Are we prepared for what is coming or are we just going to let things hit us? 

Shout For Joy To The Lord (Traditional)

In the face of cruelty, ruin, hunger and death in today’s world, is Psalm 100 still relevant? Can every Christian shout for joy all of the time? Or is it possible to “worship the LORD with gladness” and “enter His gates with thanksgiving” (v2,4) only in peaceful, prosperous times?

Lighted Faith | Greatest Hope (Traditional)

In this Advent season, let us be reminded of the hope that awaited the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ. We reflect on the significance of His coming and the true light He brings into our lives.

The One Worth Waiting For (P&P)

The Christmas story is so familiar to some as it is repeated every year. However, we will appreciate the Christmas story better and not miss God’s message when we are prepared for Christ’s coming.

Who’s Coming? (P&P)

As Christians, let us look beyond the commercialisation of Christmas and centre our hearts on the meaning and purpose of Advent. Let us prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus.

The Cry For Advent Renewal (P&P)

Isaiah 64 is a heartfelt cry for God’s intervention and restoration.  It is a prayer to restore God’s presence amongst His people.  The themes in this passage are related to the Advent season – time of reflection, anticipation and preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ.

TTC Weekend | Not Ashamed (Traditional)

The writer of Hebrews declares that Jesus is not ashamed to call us His brothers and sisters (V11). Jesus proved this by His incarnation at the first Christmas when He came down to our level and identified as our peers. Why is Jesus, the Second Person in the Trinity, not ashamed to become like us and identify with us? Jesus had good reasons to be ashamed 1) because of who He is and 2) because of who we are.

TTC Weekend | These Are Not Your Gods (P&P)

A common parable is told about four blind men and an elephant. By feeling just one part, they each had a very different idea of the appearance of the elephant based on their perceived truth. In the same way, no assumptions can be made about what God is like based on just our own understanding. Also, we cannot know Him just by thinking or feeling. He has to reveal himself to us!

Missions Weekend | Are You A Witness For God? (Traditional/P&P)

After Jesus ascended to heaven, the disciples went round the Roman empire preaching the gospel. They were passionate, but more importantly it was because they took Jesus’ command seriously – to make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.

TRAC Conference Sunday | Are You A Friend? (Traditional)

“Before discipleship, there must be relationship,” a tagline of the Care Group Ministry in Christ Methodist Church. Relationships start with friendship. Friends are those who understand us and know everything about us but still choose to love and support us. “A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out” (Grace Pulpit). We can all be assured that we have such a friend in Jesus.

TRAC Conference Sunday | Witnesses (P&P)

It is always a good thing for us to desire the power of the Holy Spirit. It is always wonderful when the Holy Spirit comes upon us. One question we need to reflect on is what happens after we are filled with God’s power.

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