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An 86-year-old Church publication, the Wesley TIDINGS, the official newsletter of Wesley Methodist Church, is one of the oldest Methodist publications in Singapore.

Wesley TIDINGS is helmed by a team of dedicated Communications staff and volunteers at Wesley Methodist Church.

Founded in 1936 as a 12-page, black and white church newsletter, the newsletter was known as The Wesley Tidings and was issued every fortnight with 1,000 copies printed. The Minister and Pastor-in-Charge then was Rev Hobart B. Amstutz and the newsletter Editor was Ms Lorinne Reinoehl.

In the last few decades, Wesley TIDINGS has evolved into a full-colour magazine that shares the different aspects of church life in Wesley and keeps the church community up to date on Wesley’s various outreach events and activities.

From 2019, Wesley TIDINGS has adopted a dual publishing platform, through both digital and printed publications, to cater to both the younger e-reader crowd and our more senior members. 

In 2022, Wesley TIDINGS will pivot to a digital-first approach to cater to changing reading and learning habits. Bi-monthly printed copies will still be made available for our senior members or readers who still prefer to read in print.

By the grace of God, Wesley TIDINGS has been sustained through the years, through all seasons. Its articles on the plethora of events in Wesley Methodist Church have brought the Church community together and kept the community updated. 

Its messages from our pastors have uplifted and supported many. Its stories of Wesleyans here and the Wesleyan-supported missionaries overseas have invigorated and inspired many. Its testimonies of the joy, hope, thanksgiving and struggles in many journeys of faith have ministered to many.

All the messages, testimonies, and articles are reminders of what our faithful God can do, has done, and is continuing to do in our lives.

With this new Wesley TIDINGS microsite, we hope that it will continue to bring the message from God to many. May the Lord continue to use Wesley TIDINGS to remind us to give thanks for His goodness, help us in our discipleship journey, support us in the renewal of our minds and renovations of our hearts and fortify us in times of need.


At Wesley TIDINGS, we want to communicate Jesus and we want to connect with you.

If you have an interesting story to share with us or any feedback for us, please drop us a line at email tidings@wesleymc.org.

For our seniors or those of us who would still prefer to have a copy of printed Wesley TIDINGS, we will continue to mail out a quarterly printed copy to you. Just get in touch with us.

We are looking for volunteers!

If you would like to volunteer with Communications Ministry in writing, editing, event reporting, photography, videography or graphic designing, we would like to have a chat with you! Please email us at tidings@wesleymc.org.

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