God spoke to me through my Doodle Art

Reflections from Dr Heather Ong, a retreat facilitator, on her Creative Expressions

At the Strangely Warmed: Intentional Discipleship Retreat, we were given time for personal solitude, when we could reflect on our spiritual journeys.

While alone in my room, I noticed the two-metre high wall for doodling and picked up the marker to start drawing on it.

Previous art and craft hobby projects had entailed meticulous research and planning, but I proceeded with no design in mind this time. I felt relaxed and contemplative as I filled the wall with doodles.

After some time, I stepped back to check my progress and was shocked to see messy spirals and frantic strokes on the wall. It was not pretty, and I was not pleased. I wanted to erase everything and start over, but somehow, I continued with it unchanged.  

When I finally finished two days later, I realised that my doodle showed my life journey. It started messy, confusing and wretched at the top of the wall; then, the middle portion gradually got filled with God’s creations like clouds, fruit, trees and flowers. Towards the floor, it ended with streams of water depicting God’s forgiveness and cleansing. I saw God’s redemption in the sheep, grape vines, the cup and hearts of love.

At this retreat, I experienced God’s grace and His refreshing presence. With renewed commitment, may my heart be filled with faith and joy as I go forth to serve Him!   

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