A Church is Happening Right in the Heart of the City

1 May 2022 l 9.30am l Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

“You know what’s happening? A church is happening!”

“A church is happening right here in Cineleisure Hall 11!” proclaimed Pastor Clement Ong, as the congregation was invited to stand and give all praise and glory to God for watching over us, in the transition to the new location.

Wesley Methodist Church Prayer & Praise (P&P) held its first service at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, on 1 May 2022. This would be its home for the next few months while Wesley Hall undergoes refurbishment.

Wesleyans turned up in full support for the first service. There was a sense of familiarity seeing the many bright red T-shirts of the Wesley Usher Team, which acted as a beacon for the worshippers finding their way to the new location — right from the entrance of the building, where worshippers were guided to the lift lobby to access Level 6. After receiving the Holy Communion elements at the entrance of the Cineplex, worshippers were led down the corridor to Hall 11 amid the ushers’ friendly greetings — “Good morning! Welcome!” With the removal of safe distancing restrictions, we were free to sit where we wanted.

Welcoming worshippers
Walking down the theatre corridor to arrive at Hall 11

Hall 11 on Level 6 of the Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure, at a capacity of 331, presented a more intimate setting for the P&P worship service, compared to the stadium style seating of The Grand Cathay, or the wide span of the Wesley Hall. With no stage, the band musicians, pastors and worship leaders took their places in the front end of the theatre, just a few steps away from the first row of seats, which gave a cosy vibe to the service.

As the worship team, led by Worship Leader Elliot Chiam, engaged the congregation through an energetic worship session, the congregation responded warmly, singing aloud (with masks on), with many lifting their hands in praise.

Elliot and the P&P worship team leading an energetic worship session

“Let us fill this place with His praise!” proclaimed Pastor Clement Ong, as the music from the band reverberated within the walls of the darkened theatre.

Lifting hands to the Lord in praise and worship

Pastor-in-charge Rev Raymond Fong was on site to deliver the sermon, welcoming all to Cineleisure. “What a journey it has been, just to prepare (for this),” thanking all the volunteers — the media team, sound crew, the Welcome Team, etc. — who had “worked so hard — they have been preparing the place for a month, just so you and I can worship in this space!”, as applause filled the theatre.

“Truly, it is really by God’s grace that we have this space, that we are able to worship right here in the heart of the city,” Pastor Raymond said, highlighting the vision that that place would be a house of the Lord, where God’s presence would dwell. In his sermon titled The Small Group, he spoke about discipleship in our community, exhorting Wesleyans to grow, go deep and be authentic, in our faith, and with one another. 

Pastor Raymond delivering his sermon

After the Holy Communion, Pastor Clement asked for the leaders of Small Groups and discipleship groups, serving in all capacities, to stand and be shown appreciation and receive encouragement for what they do as shepherds, leaders and mentors, in our community and ministries. “You have taken time to prepare, to host, to journey with and to shepherd our Small Groups — all 200 plus of them,” he said. “Praise the Lord for you!”

Partaking in the Holy Communion

As the service closed, Pastor Clement encouraged Wesleyans to bring friends to the service there, sharing that that place is seen as “a church beyond our walls”. Together, we can look forward to what God is going to do in Cineleisure Orchard and the community there, as we build God’s home there, right in the heart of the city. 

See you at P&P@Cineleisure Orchard every Sunday, 9.30am & 11.30am!

Venue: Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, Level 6, Hall 11, 8 Grange Road, Singapore 239695

Photos by Goh Cheng Joo and Christopher Leong.

Watch Sermon video, read Sermon notes and reflection questions>> https://tidings.wesleymc.org/sermon-reflection/discipleship-in-community-1-the-small-group-pp/

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