Who Is My Brother? (P&P)

May 12, 2024 | Prayer & Praise Worship Services

Ms Jemima Ooi
Who Is My Brother? (P&P)

May 12, 2024 | Prayer & Praise Worship Services

Ms Jemima Ooi
Scripture Passage: Matthew 25:40; 12:48-50 (NIV)

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Summary l Jemima has been a missionary to East Africa (Congo, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda) primarily working with refugees who have been caught up in war, famine and genocide for the past 12 years. Conditions in the camps are harsh, with families having little hope of even seeing their kids survive. Mission workers try to provide clean water, food, housing, education and address their trauma.

Missionaries from Love In Action Missions (LIAM Global) started a feeding programme in the camp which God used as a place of hope. Small children would walk miles carrying their even smaller siblings to get food and this now keeps about 2,000 kids alive.

Being in privileged Singapore, we might ask questions like “Is this sustainable?”. While journeying towards sustainability is good; we have to be careful not to become calloused – where we consider the starving children as an abstract problem but fail to allow the reality of it to move our hearts.

Jesus says in Matt 25:40 that whatever we do for the “least of these, my brothers and sisters”, we do it for Him! Who are my brothers? Jesus‘ definition is very simple… we are called to love those that Jesus loves. We are our brothers’ keeper and to whom much is given much is required – this is the heartbeat of Jesus, our role model!

Every genius needs a canvas and the canvas of Jesus was humanity! He showed us a new way to live and since then no one has come up with anything better. How did He Himself describe His heart? In Matt 11:28-30 Jesus says He was gentle and lowly in heart. He was the lamb of God who lived to die! He came to serve and give His life as a ransom for many. Even hanging on the cross, Jesus forgave His executioners, made arrangements for His mother and secured the salvation of the thief on the next cross! He served till the very end!

Imagine if the Church really lived poured out in love like Jesus!

When Jemima got bitten by fleas in Kenya she could identify (in a small way) with the immense suffering of the people living in makeshift tents and so LIAM Global built 400 simple houses for them. Jesus too went through much suffering so he could identify with humanity and understand our pain and is therefore a well-qualified High Priest!

It was confusing for the refugees to understand why people would give them houses and thought there may be an ulterior motive. Jemima explained to them that this is the love of God in action. Despite their situation they belong to the family of God and are cared for! They started to believe that God is indeed with them and not against them! They raised their voices to truly adore Father God!

The Holy Spirit moves through the earth and is at work reconciling hearts to the Father! But He needs willing hearts to move through. Let us pray to have Jesus’ vision for family that is bigger than us. God asks us, “Who is your brother?” Let us be a Church poured out in love for the world, bringing many into family!

(Sermon notes by Frances Lim)


  1. Lord Jesus, how would you like me to participate in serving our brothers and sisters in need, in Singapore and beyond?
  2. Why do you think Jesus described Himself as “gentle and lowly in heart”?
  3. How can I reflect more of His likeness in my life?
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