Christians In The Changing Marketplace

Word Alive! Mid-Week Teaching Series 

The COVID pandemic in the past two years has introduced a greater sense of informality in our work interactions and the traditional office relationship. While a person’s personal faith or religious beliefs can be private matters, we should be willing, when appropriate situations arise, to be open to discuss the Christian principles that guide our lives and speak candidly about how our faith has challenged us to trust God during difficult times.

Our Christian vision of the marketplace requires us to embark on a journey of discovering how each of us can be called by God in the marketplace to serve His purposes through serving others, providing opportunities for the growth of others and sharing the Good News of Christ – be it through our actions in the office or any place of work.


SESSION 1 – Wholly Work Or Holy Work? – The Call To Work And Witness | Rev Raymond Fong

[SESSION 01 – 05 May 2022] Have you ever wondered about the spiritual purpose of your work? Is there a divine purpose for the work we do and the vocation we have? This first session explores the theological foundations for the work we do, the witness we bear and the opportunities God grants for intentional discipleship in and through our work.

SESSION 2 – Witnessing In The Broken World Of Work | Mr Timothy Liu

[SESSION 02 – 12 May 2022] The ideal is for every believer in Jesus Christ to thrive and serve with a clear sense of calling and ministry, loving people and God. Yet many of us in real life experience challenges, pain and losses despite our best efforts. How can the Bible help us to live between what is and what ought to be? How can Christians in the workplace be a witness for God when we are also flawed and broken? How can we follow Jesus in a broken world of work?

SESSION 3 – Witnessing In The Global City | Rev David Ho & Mr Charis Lim

[Session 03 – 19 May 2022] Singapore has long positioned itself as one of the most innovative global cities, seeking to attract more talent and investments from all over the world to its shores. This session explores a theological understanding of cities and how the church and believers may be faithful witnesses, with reference to biblical principles.


SESSION 4 – Navigating Work Challenges | Mr Timothy Goh with Ms Joelle Tan & Mr Cornelius Sim

[Session 04 – 26 May 2022] Join a conversation between generations on being a disciple of Christ in the marketplace. This session is a dialogue around the central theme of “If you could speak to your younger self today, what would you tell him about the challenges of being a disciple of Christ in the marketplace?”. The format is built around two young adults, both in their 20s, (Ms Joelle Tan, a lawyer by training, working in commercial litigation and Mr Cornelius Sim, a recent graduate and is currently working in an HR AI technology start-up) asking the speaker questions that explore how he faced challenges as a disciple in a marketplace full of uncertainty, anxiety and temptations. Covering insights from his book “Navigating Work Challenges: A Marketplace Devotional”, Timothy tells stories from his life and reflects on passages of scripture that help guide him in difficult times.”

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