Where Is Your Faith? (P&P)

December 31, 2023 | Prayer & Praise Services

Rev Adrian Ng
Where Is Your Faith? (P&P)

December 31, 2023 | Prayer & Praise Services

Rev Adrian Ng
Scripture Passage: Luke 8:22-25 (NRSVUE)

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Summary l This is a reflective sermon on the Lord’s goodness.  Are we prepared for what is coming or are we just going to let things hit us? 

The act of Jesus calming the storm is so significant that it was captured in these synoptic gospels:

  • Matthew
  • Mark
  • Luke

In Luke, Jesus asked His disciples, “Where is your faith?”

In the other gospels, the question asked was, “Why are you so afraid?”

Jesus is now a public figure who has performed many miracles in public.  The faith of the people would have increased, especially that of His disciples.  Although Jesus was exhausted, He suggested to His disciples to go to the other side of the lake because He had something in mind to do.  So, they followed in confidence. 

Storms occur frequently at the Sea of Galilee and this storm came so fast that it caught the disciples by surprise:

1. Disciples were complacent and over-confident

As Jesus slept, the disciples were not prepared as the waves threatened to drown them.  The disciples woke Jesus up and told Him they were drowning.

[Reflection: What is a storm in 2023 that caught us by surprise – one that we were overconfident and totally unprepared for?  We may have asked God how could He sleep while we struggled.  Does God care?]

2. Disciples were angry and bitter at Jesus

The disciples were desperate and not humble.  Jesus was, after all, a carpenter and not a fisherman.  What can a carpenter do?  They were angry at Jesus for His lack of concern. 

[Reflection: How has our storm in 2023 made us feel towards God?  Have we become bitter and angry towards God?  Have we become distant from God since He was asleep during our storm?  Have we been unfaithful?]

Jesus got up and rebuked the wind and raging waters, then all was calm.  The disciples, who were supposed to be full of faith, were overcome by the storm.  Nothing physical happened to them while Jesus calmed the storm.  Jesus asked where their faith was.  Yet, the disciples in fear and amazement asked who He was!  It was clear their faith was not in God, but in themselves.

[Reflection: (Revealing our idols) Apart from God, what did we put our faith in when the storms in 2023 appeared?]

The disciples’ lessons:

i. Their faith was in the wrong place

  • Never be too complacent with the world till we forget who God is.
  • Never be too caught up with the storm that we forget God is with us.
  • Storms happen in the fallen world, but God is the calmer of storms!
  • Our faith is not in what we do – but who we trust!

ii. How could Jesus sleep through the storm?

  • Jesus was confident in His disciples’ faith that they would have believed in Him and His faith and authority in them.
  • Storms bring us from Fear to Faith for Greater works to come!
  • Faith is not about what we do – but who we trust!

On the other side of the lake (i.e. in 2024), there will be bigger missions and tasks.  Storms will be waiting for us.  If we are going to face legions ahead, we must grow our faith!  God has been faithful and strengthened us so where is our faith?

(Sermon notes by Honey Vreugdewater)


This is a reflective reading of this passage (Luke 8:22-25) – meant to help us reflect our life journey in 2023. May it prepare us for the year ahead.

  1. (v22) Some of the disciples were seasoned fishermen – they should be prepared for the crossing, yet it seemed they were caught by the storm. If you were the disciples – how would you have prepared for the crossing of the lake?
  2. (v23) Jesus fell asleep as they sailed. When the storm came, it seemed to overwhelm the disciples. As you reflect back in 2023, are there any storms that seemed to overwhelm us, especially when it seemed like the Lord isn’t awake to help us?
  3. (v24) Disciples only woke Jesus up when they were desperate. Jesus wasn’t a fisherman by profession – what were the disciples thinking? Yet they seemed to “rebuke” Jesus for not helping. What are your thoughts on the attitudes of the disciples? Have we been like that too this past year towards God?
  4. (v25) It was obvious God did a miracle but the sobering question was asked by Jesus to his disciples “Where is your faith?”. Why do you think Jesus asked this question? How would you have answered this question?
  5. [More challenging Q] Why do you think Jesus brought His disciples on this trip “to the other side”? What likes on the other side of the lake? (v26-38). If you were Jesus, what would you have hoped the disciples learnt in the crossing?
  6. Storms in 2023 may have passed – share how God was present with you throughout. Have the storms increased your faith for 2024? How spiritually prepared are you for 2024?
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