30 Jul 2023 | T.E.A.M. – Inter-Generating Faith (P&P)

July 30, 2023 | Prayer & Praise Services

Rev Clement Ong
30 Jul 2023 | T.E.A.M. – Inter-Generating Faith (P&P)

July 30, 2023 | Prayer & Praise Services

Rev Clement Ong
Scripture Passage: Mark 2:1-12 (NRSVUE)

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Summary l This familiar story is about the determined men who broke a hole in the roof because they had great faith that Jesus would miraculously heal their friend! When we work together, we can do more! As a team, we can achieve our mandate of making disciples and encountering the power of the Gospel! Our shared faith has the potential to bridge the gap between generations and bring about restoration.

  1. Desperate Faith. Here we see an example of the desperate faith of the community. It is adversity that elicits faith of this kind, but desperation also has the potential to “pull out the good stuff”. Desperation causes faith to rise to extraordinary levels. We trust God more than was thought possible and this leads to a greater surrender. Here the friends surrendered their own plans and expectations, making space for God to manifest His power. As we acknowledge our need for God’s intervention, we open the door for His mighty power to come in to work beyond what we ask or imagine. (Eph 3:20).
  2. Oneness in submitting to Christ. When we submit to Christ’s authority, we experience a deep unity. We recognise that we are all sinners saved by grace and are privileged to be His witnesses. We transcend our differences and become One in the body of Christ! Daily we choose to obey His word, receive His teachings, resist temptations and draw near to God setting a good example to the next generation! We are a source of encouragement to each other as we meet together and spur one another on. (Heb 10:23-25).

“Faith is to believe what we do not yet see, and the reward of this faith is to see what we believe”(St Augustine of Hippo)

Are we pursuing the common goal of making disciples of all men? Are we pursuing unity which is pleasing to God? (John 17:11)

How do we achieve success in discipleship making? Here are 4 applications based on this sermon’s  title T.E.A.M, an acronym for “Together Everyone Achieve Mandate”.

1.Trusting in God’s power. We are to emulate the friends in Mark 2 by having strong faith and trust that God  has the power to bring about change and restoration

2.Embodying Faith through encouragement. We are to live our lives in a way that encourages others. Wesley Tidings (first printed in 1936) collects testimonies and stories to highlight faith journeys to inspire and energise others. Why not read it in your family or faith community?

3. Active Witnessing. When we have experienced the goodness of God, we cannot help but tell others. Write up your testimony and be ready to share. Look out for the opportunities and stay sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

4. Maintain a teachable Spirit. Even young ones have something to teach us as they see situations with fresh and innocent eyes. Be humble to listen and foster an environment where everyone is valued and included.

“In Christ, there is no room for exclusion or discrimination in the context of a thoroughly Christian understanding of love” (Miroslav Volf)

Jesus has left us with a mandate to make disciples, and this requires us to commit whole heartedly to intentionally bring His gospel to the people as an Intergenerational TEAM JESUS!

(Sermon notes by Frances Lim)


Let’s Recall, Reflect, Consider and Commit!

1. Recall a time when you faced a seemingly insurmountable obstacle or challenge that required you to trust in God’s power and seek Him together with your family or loved ones. 

2. Reflect how the story of the paralyzed man and his friends digging through the roof to bring him to Jesus, speak to you the importance of persistence in our own faith journeys. 

  • In what ways can you apply these lessons to your own life and faith challenges?

3. Consider the areas of your life that require you to embrace Jesus’ authority and trust in His transformative power through the Holy Spirit.

  • Are there areas where you’ve been hesitant to fully surrender to Him? How can you take steps to let go and trust Him more?

4. Commit to the Lord your next steps to intercede for the next generation and in bringing others to Jesus. 

  • How can you actively participate in developing strong intergenerational relationships within our church community?
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