Romans (15): Coming To Rome At Last (P&P)

October 23, 2022 | Prayer & Praise Services

Rev Lilian Ang
Romans (15): Coming To Rome At Last (P&P)

October 23, 2022 | Prayer & Praise Services

Rev Lilian Ang

Scripture Passage: Romans 15:14-24 (NRSV)


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Summary | This chapter contains many discipleship lessons although it looks at first glance as if Paul is merely sharing his travel plans.

He did not establish nor ever visit the church in Rome personally but had heard reports that it was healthy and mature. He praises them for being kind, knowledgeable and competent in instructing one another (v14). He writes to them as the divinely appointed Apostle sent to the Gentiles, to boldly remind them of fundamental Gospel doctrines.

Discipleship lessons:

  1. We are to get involved in God’s mission by understanding the Gospel correctly and sharing it. How often do we do this? Do we share at home and at work?
  2. Instruct one another. We should consider being part of a Small Group where we can grow and spur one another on to love and good deeds.

In v16-22 Paul explains that he was hindered from coming to Rome earlier because of his priestly ministry and unique apostolic role to bring the Gospel to the unevangelised gentile urban centres. He had covered much territory in Greece and Turkey and now set his sights on the far west. His ambition and calling were always to plant new churches in unreached areas, not to build on other people’s foundations. This was because he had an intense desire to quickly spread the Gospel as far geographically as possible.

Discipleship lessons:

  1. Proclaim the Gospel of God always. Don’t wait till Christmas or a deathbed. Worship should lead to witness and witness to worship.
  2. Ministry always comes from God’s grace. Christ is the one who calls and endows with spiritual gifts.
  3. Successful ministry is always God’s doing. We do God’s work, God’s way with God’s empowering. We are Christ’s ambassadors. Paul’s ministry was accompanied by signs and wonders by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Guard against pride. Let us not take credit for successful ministry. Be accountable to at least one other Christian. A Small Group will help us to grow and provide accountability.

We learn in v 23-24 that Paul plans to go to Jerusalem and then Spain via Rome. He feels that his missionary service in the East Mediterranean zone being complete, he has been longing to see the church in Rome for many years and he fully believes that the Church there will assist him to go to Spain.

Discipleship lessons:

  1. Christ is the bond that transcends both time and distance. Paul has a great affection for the church he has never met. However, we know from the Book of Acts that Paul never made it to Spain. He was arrested in Jerusalem and brought to Rome as a prisoner (Acts 28:30-31). Even then he boldly preached and taught unhindered for 2 whole years while under house arrest
  2. Share the Good news of Christ unhindered. What is stopping us from sharing the gospel?

(Sermon Notes by Frances Lim)


  1. Purpose Of Paul’s Writing (Romans 15:14-16)
    • How did Paul describe the Christians at Rome? (v14)
    • What was Paul’s understanding of his own mission? (v14-16)
    • What was Paul’s “priestly duty”? (v16)
  2. Prevented From Coming To Rome (Romans 15:17-22)
    • What was the focus of Paul’s life? What was the only thing that Paul was willing to speak of? (v18-19)
    • To what did Paul credit his success in evangelism? (v18-19)
    • What was Paul’s ambition? Why did Paul preach the gospel where Christ was not known? (v20)
    • What had hindered Paul from coming to see the people in the church in Rome? (v22)
  3. Paul’s Plan To Visit Rome (Romans 15:23-24)
    • Where was Paul planning to travel? (v23-24) Why?
    • Why was Paul planning to visit Rome? (v23)
    • What did Paul want the Roman Christians to help him with? (v24)
  4. There is no evidence that Paul ever got to Spain.
    • What lesson is there for us in the fact that Paul wrote Romans in preparation for a dream that he may never have realized?
  5. What are your ambitions for today? 
    • Where are your ambitions leading you?
    • How do your ambitions affect the gospel and its ministry?
  6. Pray that you will see the small things that God is accomplishing for his purposes as you pursue a dream he has placed in your heart.
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