29 December 2022 – The End Game

BRD 2022 Daily Reflection | Thursday, 29th December 2022


Revelation 20 and Psalm 148 (NIV)

The End Game


Revelation 20 and Psalm 148 (NIV)

(Alvena Khoo, Pastoral Team Member, Discipleship & Nurture)


Revelation 20  (NIV)


Revelation 20 records John’s vision of Satan’s final destiny. Satan will be seized by an angel, thrown into the abyss, locked and sealed for a thousand years. (vv1-3) He will be kept from the world so that he cannot corrupt the people. This is when the first resurrection will take place, and those who have previously suffered with and for Christ will come to life and reign with Christ (vv4-6). At the end of the thousand years, Satan will then be released for a short while, but many (v8), despite the thousand years of peace, still choose to rebel against God and follow Satan in this last battle. Verse 10 records the final judgement of Satan, who is thrown into the lake of burning sulfur, forever. 

Jesus then appears, seated on a great white throne, to judge the dead. According to the book of life, the dead are judged according to what they had done as recorded in this book. Anyone whose name is not found, will be thrown into the lake of fire. (v14)


Revelation 20 records the end game of Satan, and the earth before the “new heaven and earth” as mentioned in Revelation 21. If this was a movie, it would have been a moment of great relief where the evil one is finally punished and the righteous resurrected. 

As I read this chapter, I can’t help but wait in anticipation, marvel in awe and also tremble in fear all at the same time. As a believer of Christ, I look forward to this day, the final victory, the final resurrection and great reunion. I am in awe of God’s saving grace. I am also humbled to take a hard look within my soul. 

Have I been that faithful disciple? 

Have I been living a life worthy to be called His own? 

Have I also been living and leading a life where others may see the Love of God? 

Is the Christ in me so attractive that others will want to turn to Him? 


Many have predicted that the end time is near. While we do not know when, I have always striven to live as if it is near. 

As the year comes to an end, I am reminded to end the year and start the year right. 

Seeking forgiveness for where I fall short and seeking grace and the fear of the Lord to live out a life worthy to be His disciple. 


God, I lift up Jesus in my life, that You will be exalted in me, by me and through me. So that others will see the love of Jesus in me. Have mercy on me and help me live my life with the fear of the Lord. Amen.

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