1 March 2024 – Walking On Water With Jesus

LENT 2024 | DAY 15 | Friday, 1st March 2024


Mark 6:45-56 (NIV)

Walking On Water With Jesus

LENT 2024 | DAY 15

Mark 6:45-56 (NIV)

(Lucas Chow, Steward, Local Church Executive Committee)

When I was young, I saw in a sword fighting movie that the actor actually walked on water. Later, it was revealed that there were supports just beneath the water surface so that the actor appeared to be “walking on water”.

In today’s passage, we know it wasn’t a trick. Jesus actually walked on rough water. As soon as He climbed into the boat, the wind died down. The significance of this is that it reminds me how great and awesome our God is. Even though the situation may be challenging and out of my control, I know if I fix my eyes on Jesus, I can rely on Him. 

During the last Global Financial Crisis, there was a significant reduction in business for the company I worked for. I was faced with the situation of either retrenching 10 per cent of the employees or not having enough money to pay their salaries. At my wits’ end, I prayed hard for wisdom and God’s guidance. Then one morning during my quiet time, an idea came to me. If I could convince the employees to work 10 per cent less and take a salary cut accordingly, we could avoid the retrenchment. That was exactly how the company survived the crisis. No one was retrenched and the company recovered soon after the crisis as the entire team was intact.

I need to be reminded about this often even though I have experienced God’s goodness and blessings on numerous occasions. My tendency is to rely on myself when faced with work life challenges. I often focus on the situation and not fix my eyes on Jesus. I should practise recalling more often those times when God showed me grace and saw me through tough situations. 


1.  How will you remember how God has led you through challenging times? Do you keep a journal?

2. What challenges are you facing now? How will your past encounter with God help you in your current situation?

3. How can you share your testimony of God’s goodness and encourage others in the workplace who may be facing difficulties in trusting God?

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