Ukulele Harmony: Strumming Faith and Joy at the Wesley Glowing Years Ministry

Le L’Uke uses ukulele music to share the Gospel, offering love, joy, and the message of salvation. The group under Wesley Glowing Years Ministry (GYM), ...


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Becoming a Bridge for God Where You Are

Apostle Paul bridged cultural gaps to spread God’s message. This principle, applicable to cross-cultural missions, suggests we can also be God’s bridge in our communities, ...

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Savouring the Unexpected Joy of Missions and Coffee

In 2023, Danny and Julie Ng, after speaking at a retreat in Thailand, unexpectedly started a coffee business in Singapore. Their venture positively impacted local ...

Alpha Workplace

In the bustling 111 Somerset office, 11 participants, facilitators, and hosts overflowed into the corridor for weekly sessions. The group’s size and their hunger for ...

How to work wholeheartedly for the Lord (re-integrating faith with our work)

Kara Martin, author and lecturer, emphasises integrating faith and work. Her teachings affirm that work isn’t just for earning and self-actualisation, but also a means ...

‘God is everywhere, including a commercial F&B business’: An Interview with Koh Choon Chye, a Café Entrepreneur 

Koh Choon Chye, a restaurateur and father, navigates life’s challenges, including the loss of a child, through his strong faith. His belief in God provides ...

‘We Prayed for God to be in Control’: Newlywed Doctors Amos and Ade on the Fateful Singapore Airlines Flight SQ321 that Experienced Severe Turbulence

Amos and Ade, who faced flight SQ321’s turbulence, share that enduring life’s upheavals requires faith in God’s plan. They felt God’s presence during the ordeal, ...

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